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We schedule your home to be cleaned by one of the professional cleaners we work with and the cost is passed directly onto the renter.

-We organize cleaning services for your rental to make sure your house is cleaned on time every time, no matter how tight the turnaround time is. 

-Your home will always have the same trusted crew who will get to know your home and all of its nooks and crannies to make sure it is looking its best.

List to multiple websites

List a property on rental websites and make sure all calendars are accurate

-We will list your property on all of the top vacation rental websites so your home will receive the maximum amount of exposure while preventing double bookings

Manage Inquiries

Guests have needs that must be attended to before, after, and during their stay. good communication is key to the 5 star rating every rental home needs to succeed.

Pre and Post Stay Inspections

We make sure your property is at its best and ready to receive guests. after your guests depart, we make sure the house was treated with the respect it deserves.

-Pre-inspection includes checking snow removal, gardening, safety lights, heat, house amenities are in working order, no burnt out light bulbs, propane for the grill, room for trash in the bear box, etc. we look at all of the little things that make your house a home so you don’t have to worry.

-Post rental inspection includes: an account of valuables, damage inspection, and documentation if necessary, turn down the heat, turn off lights, ensuring trash is appropriately stored in the bear box, ensure doors and windows are locked and key has been returned

Professional Photography

We take professionally lit photographs that capture the feeling of what it is like to be in your home and on your property.

Restock basic house amenities

Little items can make a big difference.

-as a rental company we require that certain goods are provided for guests during their stay such as toilet paper, paper towels, salt and pepper, propane for the grill, batteries in remotes, lightbulbs…all of the little things that you don’t notice until they are missing. please see our basic house amenities section for a specific list. after every rental we will make sure these small yet important features of your home are replenished for the next guest.

Compensation and repair for damages

Accidents happen, that is why we have security deposits and insurance.

-if anything happens to your home while under a renter’s care, big or small, we will make sure it is properly fixed and the renting party is the one who pays the bill. we properly document the damage and send it to the renting agency to make sure your home is returned to its prior condition.

-Please keep in mind that wear and tear is just a part of having people in your home. linens get stained, glasses get broken and appliances wear out. these are not the type of damages we keep security deposits for, but if someone’s child attacks your wall with a sharpie or an over-excited lawn gamer throws a bocce ball through your window, we will make sure those responsible for the damage are who pay to fix it.

Guest Concierge and Contact

People have all sorts of questions while staying in a new town. depending on the package you choose we will make ourselves available to your guest.

-For all packages, we will be available 24/7 for emergencies such as no heat and lock-outs. for our higher level of involvement packages, we will be the point person for them to ask any and all questions. best beaches? how to turn on the dryer? the snow plow didn’t show up? a strange dog is in their home and doesn’t want to leave?!?! we handle it all.

Purchase and Basic House Amenities

Depending on what package you choose we will charge you a certain percent for purchasing the basic house amenities that are provided with all of our rentals. (please see basic house amenities under the q&a tab) we shop in bulk and, depending on your package, add on a percentage to whatever the cost of the goods was and invoice you for it at the beginning of each month. we believe in complete transparency so you will always receive a copy of the receipt. if you come to visit and want to purchase these goods on your own just ask us what the house needs and we will happily send you a list free of charge so you can do it yourself.

Organize Property Maintenance and Repairs

All houses need a certain level of maintenance, especially houses in the mountains. this is where we specify that we are a rental management company, not a property management company. scheduling annual services is something that you are responsible for, but if you would like us to schedule them for you we are happy to do it. the only thing we automatically schedule for you is the shoveling part of snow removal.