Questions & Answers

At Tahoe Rental Management we try make the relationship between your needs and our expertise as streamlined as possible. From experience we know that it’s not as cut and dry as a service list so below you will find a list of frequently asked Questions and Answers

What package is best for me?

We offer 2 different property management packages. Each is designed to suit the needs of different types of second home owners and they can be found on our on our Rental Packages page.

The 15% package is designed for a homeowner who likes to spend a lot of time at their home and wants to have a very hands-on roll in the rental of their home as well as manage all of the property maintenance on their own.

The 25% package is designed for the hands off property owner who wants to make money from their investment and have some fun with it along the way. The idea of the 25% package is hakuna matata- No worries. We take care of the house and make you some money and you enjoy your well earned vacations to it.

What does my house need to be rented through NTPM?

All your house needs to be rented through us is what every house needs to be lived in comfortably; furniture, full kitchen, linens, the basic appliances, and amenities. A general rule of thumb is the more luxury items your house has the better it rents. We know what it takes for renters to be happy and we will happily provide you with a list.

Who handles property maintenance?

There are two basic types of property management and we handle them differently depending on what package each owner chooses:

  1. Annual upkeep basic repair services.

This is the owner’s responsibility to schedule either on their own or through us. If we think something needs to be done we will let you know and are generally happy to schedule it for you. Depending on which package you are on fees will vary.

  1. Renter incurred damages / wear and tear.

It is no secret that things break in houses, especially rental houses. It is our job to make sure it gets replaced. When something gets broken, goes missing, or has seen too many winters we will let you know and facilitate its replacement. Depending on which package you are on fees will vary.

Who handles the cleaning and upkeep of my hot tub?

We do! We charge a flat monthly fee that includes damage checks and chemical balances between renters as well as monthly drains. We purchase the filters and chemicals for you and invoice you the same way we do all of your other basic house amenities. If your spa requires an emergency draining because of renter abuse we will pass the bill onto them.

Am I still allowed to stay in my home?

Yes! You, your friends, and family can stay as much as you want. It is your investment and what is the point in spending all that money if you can’t use it? We are here to make you money and help keep your home in an enjoyable condition. The only thing we ask is that you adhere to the check in/out times and have the house professionally cleaned through us after your stay. We charge a flat discounted rate to clean the house. We want you and your loved ones to enjoy your home!

Who re-stocks the basics in a house?

When we clean we restock the house as well. Depending on what rental package you have either you buy the goods or we buy them for you. Supplies need to be stored on-site in a locked room that we have access to. An example of some of the basics we need to store is toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, batteries, linens, soap, etc.

How is payment handled?

This depends on what rental package you choose. If you have the 15% package (which is where you manage your own listing and rental inquiries) you will pay us at the end of every month. If we manage your listing and rental inquiries (25% package), we will pay you at the end of every month. This is because we have numerous houses to manage and in order for us to do it effectively we need to have them all on one account.

What if my house is already listed on one or more of these websites you list to??

If your house is already on rental websites we will redo your listing with our professional touch and add it to our pages.

*Only for the 25% package

How do you advertise my rental?

We list your rental on the main rental websites in the area and supply professional photographs* and text for your ad to make it as appealing as possible. We know our market and we know what people are looking for in a home to rent. 

*Only for the 25% package

Can you help me turn my cabin into a vacation rental?

Yes we can! We know what it takes to have a rental home run smoothly and we can help you organize everything you will need to have your home ready as quickly as possible. Fees for the service depend on how hands off or hands on you want us to be.