All houses rented through us are required to have certain amenities. If you are new to setting up your house we recommend looking around your house and asking yourself what items you need to live comfortably.  Make sure those items are in your rental home. Below is a specific list of the items we recommend you to supply to your renters.

Stove top and oven
Coffee maker with filters (or reusable)
Pots and pans- at least 3 different sizes of each
Assorted bakeware- (8×8, 9×13 deep and flat, pizza tray recommended)
Serving dishes and their complementary utensils
Plates and glasses- two sizes of each and at least 1.5 per person your home accommodates
Coffee mugs- one per person you home accommodates
Plastic cups for children and hot tubs
Silverware- at least 1.5 per person your home accommodates
A full set of knives- steak, bread, chopping, ect.
Cutting boards- 2
2 sets of 3 matching dish towels
Paper towels- guests will always be supplied with one upon arrival
Counter top cleaner
Dish detergent, hand soap, dish soap
Dish sponge and scrub brush
Basic spices-Salt, pepper, a few seasonings, olive oil
Tinfoil and plastic wrap
Trash cans and bags- one for regular trash and one for recycling
You must have 2 matching sets of each and 5 extras of each.
2 hand towels per bathroom
1 shower towel and facecloth per guest
2 extra towels per bathroom
1 hot tub towel per guest (if applicable)
Matching sheets for every bed
Comforter and washable duvet cover**do not need 2 sets
Extra blanket**do not need 2 sets
Pillow for every guest plus a few extras**do not need two sets
Couch blankets
Hand towels(see above)
Hand soap
Shower soaps- shampoo, conditioner and body wash(not bars of soap)
Toilet paper- one in the roll and one under the sink
Floor mats
Non-slip bathtub mats
Trash can
Toilet scrub brush
Toilet plunger
Night light
Bedding(see above)
Night stand with light on both sides of bed.
Dresser and/or closet space with hangers
One fan and one space heater
Trash cans
Living spaces:
Couch seating
Couch blankets
Dining room table with chairs
TV with cable and DVD player
A way to play music (optional but recommended!)
Safety equipment:
Flashlights with batteries
Basic first aid kit
Fire extinguisher for kitchen and barbecue
Fire escape ladders for upstairs
**we strongly suggest removing all candles from house**
Other amenities:
Patio furniture
Snow shovels
Barbecue with propane tank and utensils
Board games and cards
Laundry detergent if applicable
If you have a child friendly rental:
Stepping stool for each bathroom and kitchen
Kid gate for stairs
Plastic cups and plates
Some of the items on the list will need to be replaced occasionally due to wear and tear. When this time comes we will happily organize their replacement. Depending on your rental package we will either do it for free or with a service fee.
Some of these amenities will need to be replace on a regular basis at the owner’s expense. Below is a list of the items that we expect you to keep in a locked area for our cleaners to re-stock from. Depending on your Rental package we can purchase these for you in bulk free of charge or for a service fee.
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Salt and pepper
Olive oil
Tinfoil and plastic wrap
Light bulbs
Trash bags- Kitchen, recycle, and room/bathroom
Soaps- hand, dish, dishwasher, laundry, shower
Dish sponges
Propane and lighter for grill